GEOFIT: Poster for the Experiment on GHEX characterization (WP3)

GEOFIT is optimizing compact geothermal heat exchangers systems (GHEX) with a more compact design based on a helix. To help establish heat transfer behavior, experiments are being conducted by consortium partner AIT. This poster shows the objective, approach and set-up for this experiment, which belongs to WP3. The subsequent CFD-simulations based on this experimental data will help establish a reliable engineering design tool for the helically based GHEX systems.

Geofit Presentation Video

Video in format  1280 x 720p. If you require other formats, please contact the Communication Team.

Poster for Sustainable Places

Sustainable Places is an annual international conference who gathers stakeholders from leading organizations around the world to advance the state of art and play in one of the greatest challenges that our societies and their urban planners have ever faced: The need to enhance the sustainability of places ensuring long-term environmental security.

Even we have just launched the project, we found the time to make and present a poster for this conference, as a great opportunity to introduce us to the community.

Geofit logo-pack

Our logo-pack, for those who want to help us in the dissemination of our project.