Sant Cugat

Pilot Sites

GEOFIT is being successfully implemented in 5 pilot sites in Ireland, Italy, France, and Spain. The demonstration sites are open case studies representing various climates and situations found throughout Europe, with different building types and different soil conditions.

SANT CUGAT (SPAIN) / Primary School

ELS PINS DEL VALLÈS SCHOOL / Retrofitting and implementation of a geothermal system helps the municipality reduce environmental and carbon footprint and increase the use of renewable energy technologies. IDDS methodology is applied along the whole project life cycle and GEOBIM based management can show time and cost reduction. nZEB case study.

Manager: AJSC.

Industrial partners involved: COMS, IDP, CDP, SIART, UPO, ILECO, OCHS.

Innovation Level: 2.

Pilot description

Location: Sant Cugat, Spain.

Typology / Use: Tertiary / Educational.

Year of Construction: 1975Area: 3.894 m2.

Geofit Area: Primary school building 466 m2; administration building 289 m2; sports pavilion 454 m2.

Climate Condition: Mediterranean existing.

HVAC System: Central heating system (gas boilers) with radiators.

Geological Data: Mainly silty clays.

Total Energy Consumption: 414.862 kWh/year (31% electricity + 69% natural gas).

Previous Retrofitting Works: PV panels (27,03kWp photovoltaic installation for self-consumption; façade retrofitting (external thermal insulation composite system ETICS/EIFS) and replacement of current windows in all buildings. LED technology lamps.

Thermal Energy Consumption (H): 75,51 kWh/m2/y,

Electric Energy Consumption (H): 33,03 kWh/m2/y.

Max. Power Consumption (H): 63 kW.

Geofit System

Simulation and Demand Modelling: H: 192,5 kW peak load; 144,5MWh total load. C: 6 kW peak load and 3,8 MWh total load.

Drilling / Excavation: Improved vertical drilling and HDD.

Building Monitoring During Drilling Phase: Environmental survey to evaluate the state of the fact of the building; survey during drilling phase to understand which the building response is; survey after the shock with the aim to compare with previous.

Ground Source Heat Pump: Electrically driven HP with 40kW heating capacity and 5kW cooling capacity with a 1.000l buffer tank. Whole system designed with R1234zee refrigerant. HP operational control system integrated. Valves will be installed in the radiators to allow the operation with the GSHP.

Operation Strategy: Co-generation GSHP with gas boiler. GSHP will cover most of the heat demand; baseload provided by the GSHP and peak demand by the gas boiler.

Retrofitting Proposed: HTC passive geothermal system (cooling panels + ventilation + modular control center) in the administrative building. Highly modularised, ‘plug-and-play’, ‘ready-to-install’, and energy-efficient cooling solution.

BEMS: Intelligent layer on top of the ecoSCADA GW already installed during the pre-intervention phase.