Pilot Sites

GEOFIT is being successfully implemented in 5 pilot sites in Ireland, Italy, France, and Spain. The demonstration sites are open case studies representing various climates and situations found throughout Europe, with different building types and different soil conditions.

GALWAY (IRELAND) / Sports Center

KINGFISHER SPORTS CENTER / GEOFIT as part of the campus’ sustainability action plan and commitment to EE and carbon reduction targets, providing a case study for universities across Europe.

Manager: NUIG.

Industrial Partners Involved: IDP, ILECO, OCHS, COMS.

Innovation Level: 2.

Pilot description

Location: Galway, Ireland.

Typology / Use: Tertiary / Sports facility.

Year of Construction: 2008.

Area: 7.345 m2.

Geofit Area: Intervention volume corresponds to swimming pool water.

Climate Condition: Cfb – Temperate Oceanic Climate, Marine West Coast (Koppen).

Existing HVAC system: CHP unit of 50 kWe/250kWth; 2 condensing boilers 5.000 kWth each; 2 air-cooled chillers of 240 kWth/115kWth.

Geological Data: Mainly meta gabbro-gneiss Galway complex with granite outcrops and hard rock granite.

Total Energy Consumption: 2.856.000 kWh/year (16% electricity + 84% natural gas).

Max. Power Consumption (H): 63 kW

Geofit System

Simulation and Demand Modelling: To be estimated.

Drilling / Excavation: Improved vertical drilling.

Ground Source Heat Pump: Electrically driven HP. The existing pool heat exchanger integration has to be converted from the existing hydraulic distribution control into a mixing control with constant volume flow via the pool heat exchanger. Depending on the heat pump output, a buffer tank will be needed, which has the required nominal volume for the heat pump in the lower part with 30 litres/kW, and provides space in the upper part for a sensible integration of the energy supply via the existing system. The installation of the regulation valves is basically required to be able to regulate the system hydraulically. HP operational control system integrated.

Operation Strategy: Co-generation GSHP with CHP. GSHP will cover baseload provided by the gas boilers up to now.

Retrofitting Proposed: No additional retrofitting works are foreseen.

BEMS: HP operational control system and integration with the existing BMS.