Innovative Tools & Drilling Methods

Introducing new computational techniques to model the drilling and excavation process will help operators choose the optimum drill bits and operating parameters.

Geofit is using a novel wear test and excavation modelling techniques to simulate the cutting process induced by excavation tools in order to improve the drilling hardware parameters. We are also applying horizontal directional drilling for the installation of horizontal loop heat exchangers in urban environments, which is faster and allows to keep the drilling design under control and reach longer lengths.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Compact ground penetrating radar (GPR) array and integration into GEOBIM system

Product & Service

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Advanced drilling methods

Simulations of the drilling process / Drill performance numerical models

Knowledge & IP

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Drill bit materials selection knowledge/tool

Knowledge & IP

Partner: Eurecat

Horizontal drilling for urban environments

Information Delivery Manual for Geothermal Drilling Operations


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