Geothermal technologies can significantly reduce energy consumption.

In order to support the whole process of designing, installing, commissioning and operating geothermal systems, Geofit is developing a holistic and novel approach which is cost-competitive, easy-to-install and capable of providing efficient low temperature heating and high temperature cooling.

Geofit’s technology offers many significant advantages that takes geothermal systems to the next level:

  • Free environmental energy with high energy efficiency
  • Large energy savings
  • One system for heating and cooling
  • Easy to integrate into your existing installation
  • A long-lasting system with very low maintenance

Site Inspection & Risk Assessment

The latest monitoring and risk assessment methodologies to monitor building displacement during drilling and excavation and to detect underground utilities are combined with theoretical and numerical approaches to achieve a new, more reliable and faster methodology.

Innovative Tools & Drilling Methods

The introduction of new computational techniques to model the drilling and excavation process to help operators choose the optimum drill bits and operating parameters.

Optimised Technology & Design Methods

Where drilling is too expensive or difficult, we’ve designed a compact Geothermal Heat Exchanger System (GHEX). Ground-Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) have been optimised with regard to efficiency, modularity, environmental impact of refrigerants and possibility to be integrated with high-performance Low Temperature Heating/High Temperature Cooling (LTH/HTC) system.

Advanced ICT systems, BIM & IDDS Methodologies

We are developing a complete set of geothermal retrofitting project management tool-chains in: retrofitting operations and integrated management framework (IDDS), ICT tools for ground research and worksite monitoring, design and benchmarking tools for ground heat exchangers, BIM enabled methods and tools for geothermal based retrofitting.