Pilot Sites

GEOFIT is being successfully implemented in 5 pilot sites in Ireland, Italy, France, and Spain. The demonstration sites are open case studies representing various climates and situations found throughout Europe, with different building types and different soil conditions.

PERUGIA (ITALY) / Historical Building

SANT’APOLLINARE FORTRESS / Installation of hybrid heat pump and non-standard GHEX. Digitalization and simulation are supporting the design process and retrofit. Site assessment and structural monitoring for a historical building in a seismic area.

Manager: UNIPG.

Industrial Partners Involved: IDP, IDSGEO, SIART, ILECO, FAHR, R2M, COMS.

Innovation Level: 2.

Pilot description

Location: Perugia, Italy.

Typology / Use: Historical building of cultural value / Open-to-the-public for the sustainable training program.

Year of Construction: X-XI century.

Geofit Area: Two-story building of 140 m2; the subterranean floor of 70 m2 (ex-stable).

Climate Condition: Humid subtropical climate.

Existing HVAC System: Gas boiler for heating and DHW (2.000l water tank); floor heating system and mechanical ventilation.

Geological Data: Rocks and stone in shallow layers.

Total Energy Consumption: 24.971 kWh/year (representing about 29% of the total consumption of the whole complex).

Previous Retrofitting Works: Seismic and EE renovation including high-performance building insulation, floor heating system and mechanical ventilation, and new windows (first building certified under the GBC Historic Buildings sustainability protocol).

Thermal Energy Consumption (H): 19.400 kWh/y.

Thermal Energy Consumption (C): 3.400 kWh/y.

Electric Energy Consumption: 3.500 kWh/y.

Max. Power Consumption (H): 24 kW.

Max. Power Consumption (C): 10 kW.

Geofit System

Simulation and Demand Modelling: Heating load = 10 kW; Cooling load = 6 kW.

Drilling / Excavation: Shallow excavation (up to 2,5 m) – slinky ground heat exchangers (2 m deep). Nr of parallel trenches: 5.

Trenches:Distance between trenches: 1,35 m; Average trench length: 24 m (covering a total of 120 m); Ring diameter: 1,10 m; Ring depth: 2,50 m; Nr of rings per trench: 53.

Building Monitoring During Drilling Phase: (survey to study building reaction).

Ground Source Heat Pump: Reversible hybrid heat pump driven by electricity and gas, adsorption and compression heat pump (new gas boiler and buffer tank, adsorption unit, chiller unit). Power output: 12 kW heating; 6 kW cooling. Refrigerant with low GWP (water and propane). HP operational control system integrated.

Operation Strategy: New integrated GEOFIT system covering the total heating and cooling demand.

BEMS: Heat pump operational control system and intelligent thermostat.