GEOFIT – Newsletter #3

Our main objective for this third year was to finish the designs and start the installation of the Geofit systems at our five demo sites. And we did it! Drilling and excavation works have been completed in four out of five demo sites (Perugia, Aran Islands, Bordeaux and Sant Cugat), and also the installation of the heat pumps.

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GEOFIT – Newsletter #2

This year has been intense!

One side of our activities has been led by the completion of the innovative geothermal systems designs that will be implemented at each demo site to demonstrate that our easy-to-install solution is capable of providing efficient heating and cooling. The other side of our activities has been pilot oriented, as we started the installation works in the demo site in Spain and have greatly advanced preparing the terrain for the installations at our demo site in Italy. In the meantime, our French and Irish demo sites are working hard to have everything ready to start the works in early 2021. Make sure to take a closer look at the highlights in our newsletter to learn more of these activities!

Geofit Presentation Video

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