D2.1 – Geothermal – IDM for Drilling Processes

This document (D2.1) states the Geothermal Information Delivery Manual (IDM) for drilling processes involved in the GEOFIT project. The IDM for drilling processes specifies an integrated reference tool to collect the information and data from the different processes involved during drilling operations performance required by the GEOBIM model proposed in the project. The specification of an IDM for GEOFIT project and the need of providing an integrated model for drilling processes is one of the main outcomes of this deliverable as it is a very complex environment. The data acquisition processes and data workflows are produced in real time conditions and different data formats may be found. Within the GEOBIM project context, the IDM is aimed at providing the unified reference for the processes and data required by BIM by identifying the discrete processes that must be undertaken during drilling operations, the information required for their execution and the results obtained from these operations. In general terms, this IDM represents a real challenge because it must specify:

  • How drilling processes fit the global GEOBIM model and how relevant they are;
  • Who are the actors creating, consuming and benefitting from the data collected during drilling;
  • What is the final valuable information created and to be used;
  • How this amount of data shall be supported by virtual tools and software.