D2.6 bis Structural Monitoring at the Sant Cugat Pilot Site

Structural Monitoring (SM) has a central role within GEOFIT. On one side, its results are expected to verify that the installation of a geothermal plant is painless for the target existing building. On the other side, going in depth in the governing mechanical model, one demands to structural monitoring: the knowledge of the excitation source, the verification of the soil propagation pattern and the building signature. All these aspects require the availability of pilot sites.
The Sant Cugat pilot site cover the “Els Pins del Vallès” School. At the end of July of 2020, there was a gathering in Sant Cugat of some GEOFIT partners: the pilot study responsible, the drilling
operator and the structural monitoring expertise.
This deliverable consists of two main chapters. In Chapter 2, the activity of the week of joint operations is reported. The pre-drilling data collection is well separated from that carried out the last day when the drilling machine was operative.
In chapter 3, one distinguishes three main parts. The characterization of the drilling machine, the vibration propagation along the soil and the identification of the frequencies aggressing
one of the buildings of the educational complex of constructions.
The focus is on the comparison between the signals recorded in the pre-drilling stage and in the drilling phase.