Project Deliverables

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D3.1 - Design methodologies strengths and weaknesses 3.11 MB 10 downloads

In this deliverable the main fundamental processes of heat transport relevant to...

D2.1 - Geothermal – IDM for Drilling Processes 2.82 MB 10 downloads

This document (D2.1) states the Geothermal Information Delivery Manual (IDM) for...

D1.3 - Simulation List of Interoperability Issues 2.64 MB 4 downloads

Building retrofitting using geothermal equipment is a complex problem involving multiple...

D1.2 - Detailed guidelines of the processes to be developed for the general geothermal based retrofitting solution: Workflow and dataflow. 1.31 MB 9 downloads

This deliverable presents detailed guidelines to be developed for the general geothermal...

D1.1 - Description of the general IDDS framework and collaborative organisation for GEOFIT project 3.55 MB 10 downloads

This deliverable aims first to highlight the different approaches of integrated design...

D10.4 Communication Materials 861.58 KB 46 downloads

This document (D10.4) contains the set of GEOFIT public communication materials established...