D1.2 – Detailed guidelines of the processes to be developed for the general geothermal based retrofitting solution: Workflow and dataflow.

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Create Date 25th November 2019
Last Updated 25th November 2019

This deliverable presents detailed guidelines to be developed for the general geothermal based retrofitting solutions: workflows and data flows. It consists in the implementation within a project delivery organization of the principles detailed in the previous deliverable (D1.1: Description of the general IDDS framework). It is also used as a basis for identifying the data that will be shared between the different actors during the different design stages. These works particularly useful to ensure the interoperability of models which is covered in the deliverable D1.3. It also provides the global basis to develop the BIM Execution plan in WP6.

After a reminder of the main stakeholders categories and stages of a retrofitting project, several workflows are presented to explain the specificity of IDDS approach for the GEOFIT solutions, compared with “business as usual” methods.

More detailed elements about the implementation of IDDS in a practical project are shown in a more detailed workflow based on the example of the French demo site.

These guidelines are to be adopted by GEOFIT demonstrations, but are also aimed to inspire further projects beyond GEOFIT.