D1.1 – Description of the general IDDS framework and collaborative organisation for GEOFIT project

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Create Date 25th November 2019
Last Updated 25th November 2019

This deliverable aims first to highlight the different approaches of integrated design & delivery methods, based on different roles and responsibilities for both suppliers and clients, including all the technical fields involved in the process of a geothermal system development (drilling processes, Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform design, HVAC system design, heat exchangers (HEX) component design, building integration, etc.).

The GEOFIT project aims to foster collaboration in the building value chain. This will be achieved by leading a collaborative project delivery in retrofitting projects, in terms of energy, cost efficiency and overall sustainability in order to minimise risks, optimise costs and avoid failures.

The outcomes of this deliverable will provide a solid basis for other tasks in the project, especially about:
• Collaborating people: the workshops proposed here initiate and provide guidelines for the collaborative work among the stakeholders of each GEOFIT retrofitting site, similarly to what could be ideally done in a real-world implementation of and IDDS framework in an energy retrofitting project.
• Integrated process: General workflows and data flow for the demonstration activities, to be adapted and detailed later for each demo site context and specificities.
• Interoperable technologies to be adapted to any geothermal retrofitting context: sets of models used during the integrated design process (selection of the models, description of the corresponding methods, coupling and interactions).