3rd Training: GEOFIT Training on Radar Technologies for Ground Inspection and Structural Health Monitoring, Thermal Load Estimation of Buildings and Use of Digital Twin Management Software (GeoBIM)

Date: 11th October 2022 | 10 – 12 CEST

Speakers: Guido Manacorda (IDSGEO), Fabio Giannino (IDSGEO), Joan Tarragona (EURECAT), Alessandro Piccinini (NUI Galway), Andrea Frazzica (CNR ITAE), Giuseppe Dino (CNR ITAE), Hugo Viot (NOBATEK), Henrikki Pieskä (KTH), Adriaan Brebels (iLECO) and Mikel Borràs & Juan Ramón (IDP))

This third and final training webinar presents a set of supporting technologies and processes for geothermal retrofitting resultant of work carried out in the EU-funded project GEOFIT. Topics and results  presented include: 

  • The use of Ground Penetrating Radars for soil inspection and Ground-Based Syntethic Aperture Radar for structural health monitoring / site quality assurance (with respect to risk)
  • Novel approaches and models to simulate the energy load of retrofitted buildings including the validation process
  • An advanced energy management system capable of making decisions based on energy tariffs
  • A newly developed digital twin environment called GEOBIM that including models of ground source heat exchangers

These technologies and their associated services / processes have been validated during the GEOFIT scientific program and pilot activities.

Modelling and Simulation of the Geothermal Heat Pump System for Swimming Pool Heating Using TRNSYS

Speaker: Giuseppe Dino (CNR ITAE)

Envelope and Systems Modelling Using Modellica for the Bordeaux Demo Case

Speaker: Hugo Viot (NOBATEK)

GEOFIT Training on Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

Speaker: Adriaan Brebels (iLECO)

Radar Technologies: An Overview on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Ground-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar (GBSAR) Interferometry

Speaker: Fabio Giannino (IDS Georadar)

Use of Digital Twin Management Software (GeoBIM)

Speaker: Juan Ramón (IDP)