Workshop in Perugia

From November 21 to December 6, 2018, a workshop was held at the Perugia demonstration site with the following objectives: to establish a channel of communication with local stakeholders, define their needs and requirements, include them in the design and finally gather information on the existing building. The workshop was conducted mainly with people who are directly involved in the building.

During the first two days, UNIPG discussed with the owner of the building and the engineers who worked on the last rehabilitation works. During the meeting, the owner of the building (Fondazione Agraria) asked them to contain the new excavations within the existing boundaries and the engineers gave them a lot of information about the layout of the pipes.


GEOFIT partners also had a meeting with the local government and they seem very interested in authorizing this new work in the Sant’Appolinare Fortress.

UNIPG concluded the workshop with all occupants talking about the heating/cooling system and emitters. They thought that they will probably need to adjust the thermostat better because during the meeting the temperature was not very comfortable, but the whole building was recently restored and they won’t need new interventions.

Next week, on January 24th and 25th, another GEOFIT Workshop will take place in Galway and the Arann Islands (Ireland).

A CPD event on Geothermal Energy and the GEOFIT solution will be hosted and organized by the National University of Ireland Galway on January 24. Very interesting talks on geothermal energy in Ireland will be given that day, from 5pm to 7pm at the NUIG Engineering Building.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about the CPD event or the GEOFIT workshop!