GEOFIT Kick Off Meeting

GEOFIT project started successfully in May 2018, our kick-off meeting took place in Bruxelles on May, 15th and 16th. GEOFIT is a brand new Horizon2020 project about geothermal retrofitting of buildings, co-founded by the European Commission in the framework of LCE-17-2017 “Easier to install and more efficient geothermal systems for retrofitting buildings”.

Geofit KoM Welcome

All in all 24 partners will contribute to che success of the GEOFIT project, among them research centres, technology providers, construction companies, public administrations, service and consultancy providers and standardization associations. The kick-off meeting was hosted by ABB premises in Bruxelles and was attended by 45 people. Also ABB led a short visit to the main innovative developments, which gave inspiring ideas about domotics, demand-response-oriented technologies and robotics.

Geofit KOM 2

Given the size and complexity of the GEOFIT project, the kick-off meeting was an effective tool to clarify the main objectives of each of the twelve project Work Packages and to start discussing in detail the role of each partner. The kick-off meeting was our first, successful step of GEOFIT project, paving the way for an effective project and a bright future of cost-effective and simple geothermal retrofitting.

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