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State of the art


Drilling works in urban environment remains as bottleneck in the geothermal based retrofitting in urban areas. Logistic and civil disturbance coordination are the main drawbacks. Issues such as trench excavations, traffic cut-offs or visual impact are critical in terms of cost and time.


The GEOFIT solution


In this regard, GEOFIT will apply horizontal directional drilling for installation of horizontal loops heat exchangers in urban environments. It’s quick, since it requires less time to get permits and reduces critical works. It furthermore allows the installation of horizontal loops while keeping drilling layout under control and reaching large lengths.


Orientation is real-time monitored by steering systems with cent-metrical accuracy, allowing drilling parabolic layouts. It does not generate traffic cut-offs, not bothering inhabitants and minimising environmental impact. Equipment is compact, modular and can be mobilised easily across small urban areas. Despite the novel heat exchangers configurations explored in GEOFIT, the application of this trenchless technique allows the installation of horizontal -standard- closed loop like systems in urban environments since the disturbances attached to this kind of heat exchangers (trench excavations, etc…) are avoided.