Cheaper and lighter


State of the art


Low Global Warming Potential (LGWP) refrigerants were developed during the last years and reach significantly low GWP values compared to state-of-the art refrigerants. Furthermore, cost-effective materials (compared to copper) are available on the market for replacing conventional materials used for heat exchangers. Nevertheless, so far no residential ground source heat pump system combining these technologies (LGWP, aluminium heat exchangers) exists.


The GEOFIT solution


The electrically driven system uses a synthetic refrigerant with a GWP<10 instead of state-of-the art refrigerants like R134A (which has a GWP of 1430). The system makes use of cost-effective heat exchangers, e.g. aluminium heat exchangers, that have great potential to lower costs and weight at same performance.


The GEOFIT contribution


GEOFIT will develop a heat pump optimised for a LGWP refrigerant. Furthermore, GEOFIT will investigate alternative cost-efficient heat exchangers. GEOFIT will investigate two different alternatives: One solution is based on using two heat pumps with different condensation temperatures but with the same temperature on the cold side. The other solution uses a significantly larger condenser compared to a state-of-the art heat pump condenser to increase the sensible sub cooling of the refrigerant. The second option leads to an increased COP at increased material costs compared to state-of-the art heat pump systems. A cheap heat exchanger therefore will help to boost the second solution.


Technology readiness level improvement: From TRL5 to TRL7