Suitable for retrofitting and easy to install


The GEOFIT solution


In GEOFIT, modularized and high-performance Low Temperature Heating/High Temperature cooling (LTH/HTC) systems will be integrated with Ground-Source Heat Pumps (GSHP). The findings aim to provide technical and practical decision supports and guidelines targeting European climates and local building stock conditions, for future large-scale implementation of geothermal retrofitting in existing buildings. As an energy-efficient H/C retrofitting alternative, LTH/HTC technology has shown promising advantages and shortcuts to improve the efficiency of heat supply and distribution. Practically, it provides easy-to-install solutions in retrofitting projects, thermal comfort and improved COP for GSHPs. Innovatively, LTH/HTC modularized systems provide larger opportunities for a renewable energy mix, such as GSHP and solar thermal collectors for reducing the peak loads of both space heating/cooling and domestic hot water preparation.


Previous tests showed that LTH/HTC solutions can efficiently block cold draught and reduce the supply temperature curve to 40–45 °C without lowering thermal outputs. Additionally, implementing LTH/HTC could improve the COP of heat pump (HP) by approximately 12-18%, compared to conventional radiators with the same heat exchange surface.


The GEOFIT contribution


Thanks to the pilot installations to be realized in the framework of the project, innovations will be validated and further developed based on the existing expertise and local retrofitting conditions. Selected heating units and cooling units consist of the most up-to-date LTH/HTC modularized components, control systems, as well as piping/pumping systems to connect those components with GSHP.


Technology readiness level improvement: From TRL5 to TRL7